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Automatic Bandsaw Blade Sharpener by SabreTooth

Sku: 41186

$ 997

Automatic Bandsaw Blade Sharpener by SabreTooth

Sku: 41186

$ 997

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Maximum sharpness. Longer blade life.

Working with sharp blades saves strain on you and your sawmill’s engine – so work smarter, not harder with the SabreTooth Blade Sharpener. Simply set the Sharpener to your specifications and the fully-automatic design with integrated digital shut off treats the full profile of the blade without oversharpening, which is key to extending blade life and preventing premature blade failure. And the 12-volt operation lets you sharpen at your milling site using your truck, tractor or any automotive-style battery. Designed for use with most blade specifications, the SabreTooth Sharpener includes adjustments for blade length, width, tooth spacing and tooth angle. Like all SabreTooth products, the Sharpener has been designed and rigorously tested to ensure it delivers exceptional value.


Precisely adjust for blade length, blade width, tooth spacing, and tooth angle. Once the SabreTooth Automatic Bandsaw Blade Sharpener is set to your blades’ specifications, the fully automatic operation does the rest of the work for you. The automatic blade advancement sharpens 18 teeth per minute and comes equipped with a digital timer for automatic shutdown to ensure an even sharpening. Complete a full sharpening cycle in just minutes, allowing your blade to quickly return to the mill for cutting timber.


With 12-volt operation, the SabreTooth Automatic Bandsaw Blade Sharpener lets you use the power from a tractor or ATV battery, offering unmatched portability. Sharpen your blades far from any outlets and without the hassle of long extension cords, ensuring reliable performance even in remote locations.


Precisely treat the full profile of the blade and prevent oversharpening with the easy-to-use digital shut-off. Simply set the digital timer based on blade teeth and the sharpening rate of 18 teeth/min, which is a steady speed that maximizes efficiency without risk of overheating that can lead to loss of temper in the steel.

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Whether you’re cutting hard or softwood, a sharp bandsaw blade is essential to produce high-quality lumber on your portable sawmill. A sharp blade cuts with less effort meaning less strain for you and your sawmill’s engine. A dull blade may rub against the material instead of cutting it cleanly, decreasing sawing efficiency, causing blade wander and producing poor quality cuts. Continued milling with a dull bandsaw blade increases the risk of overheating, binding, and blade breakage, compromising both operator safety and lumber quality.

For optimal performance of a standard carbon blade, it's recommended to sharpen the blade profile approximately every two hours of cutting time. We advise honing the blade tips to maintain their sharpness rather than grinding a dull blade to reshape the edge.

Wear and tear resulting from regular use is a natural part of the life span of a band blade, which are subject to high physical loads on a daily basis. Visually inspect a blade for signs of stress, cracks in the metal, heavy wear, or damage to determine if it is safe to put back on the sawmill. When the metal gets fatigued and visible cracks are seen in the gullet, this is a serious sign to retire the blade. Tooth breakage can happen at any point in the blade’s life as a result from striking a foreign object such as a rock or nail and will quickly put an unnatural end to a band blade.

Sawyers who don’t use a sharpener are most likely using a new blade to replace their dull blade every time, which is wasteful and unnecessary since most blades can be sharpened multiple times over their lifespan. There are also sharpening services where you can send your blades to have them sharpened and reset for less than it costs to purchase a new blade, however, not every community has these services.

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