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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it make sense to invest in my own sawmill?

If you love working with quality lumber, the answer is yes! Aside from saving yourself from the high prices at big box stores and independent lumber yards, you’ll eliminate the frustration of picking through the boards to find the straight ones—a Herculean task on its own.

Quite simply, owning your own sawmill gives you something extremely valuable…FREEDOM! With your own sawmill, you’ll have the freedom to:

  • Selectively harvest your own trees and unlock the value inside.
  • Work with species of wood you can’t get at lumber yards.
  • Work with virtually any dimension of wood - from veneer to super-wide planks to beams.
  • Finally, build projects you have been dreaming about but could not afford due to the high cost of wood.

Is financing available for my Frontier sawmill? 

Absolutely! We can help you fund your sawmill over 12-months to 60-months with creative business leases. Ready to find out your monthly payment? You may be pleasantly surprised! 

Check out our online payment estimator right here.

You can easily apply online, or call us at talkdesk +1-800-408-9995 

How do I know if a Frontier is the right portable sawmill for me?

Here are a few checkpoints for your consideration. A Frontier sawmill may be the perfect choice for you if…

  • You’re shopping for the best price.
  • You’re a “hands-on” kind of person who enjoys getting the job done.
  • You’re planning to use your sawmill for personal projects.
  • You’re a sawyer who appreciates a trusted company that has specialized in portable sawmilling for a quarter century and has a reputation for delivering innovation and reliability.
  • This is your first portable sawmill.
  • You’re looking for a quality mill that's easy to use.
  • You’re excited to start with rough-sawn projects like cabins, shelters, and sheds.
  • You’re independent, smart, and want the most mill for your dollar.

And forget, you can always speak with one of our sawmill experts to help you work through your decision!

Will this mill cut straight, smooth lumber?

We engineered Frontier Sawmills to mill accurately to 1/16th of an inch. The cut can be so smooth that often a light sanding is all you need to finish your boards.

How difficult is it to assemble my Frontier sawmill?

Very easy! We’ve already pre-assembled your sawhead for you! For the rest, you need just a few basic tools (combination and Allen wrenches, ratchet with sockets, adjustable wrench, Phillips screwdriver, drill, lubricating and engine oils, and grease gun). We give you a fully illustrated manual that leads you, step by step, through the whole process. It’s packed with exploded illustrations, diagrams, and photographs – all written in plain English. And we back it up with unlimited toll-free support – from the moment your Frontier Sawmill arrives, through your first cuts and beyond.

Will I be able to get replacement parts for this mill?

Definitely! We’ve built reliability into the Frontier, so there really isn’t much to go wrong. A bit of simple routine maintenance will keep your investment humming, and your sawdust flying, for years. Plus, to help you service it properly; we keep an inventory of blades, bearings, belts, guides, engine maintenance kits and more.

Can I add a mobility towing kit to my Frontier sawmill?

Yes, an optional Mobility Kit is available for the OS23, OS27, OS31 and OS35 Frontier sawmills. With this you can hitch your Frontier to a vehicle and tow it through your woodlot and directly to your sawing site. This includes a steel sub-frame, wheels, a quick-disconnect drawbar, running lights, wiring harness, safety chains, and support jacks. Additionally, there's an option to add a mobility kit sub-frame extension with extra jacks to support a 7 ft extended log deck. You can add the mobility kit now or choose to upgrade your mill in the future.

What kind of Warranty do I get with a Frontier

With every Frontier sawmill, you receive a one-year consumer warranty. We will repair or replace, at our discretion, any part returned to us and found to be defective through manufacturing within the first year of the original purchaser’s ownership (except consumable items like belts, blades, bearings & clutch). The engine is covered under warranty directly with the engine manufacturer (two years by Briggs and three years with by Kohler). We back that up with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If your Frontier doesn’t do everything we say, simply return it to us within 30 days and receive a refund (shipping not included)*.
*Not including used blades, damaged parts or restocking fees.

What is the environmental impact of owning my own sawmill?

Properly managed, personal band sawmills are a very “green” way to produce lumber for shelter, furniture, and other needs. With your own sawmill, you can…

  • Improve forest health by selectively harvesting your trees.
  • Recycle logs that would otherwise go to waste (they are the ultimate recycling machines).
  • Appreciate that their thin sawmill band blades produce very little sawdust which quickly breaks down into soil.
  • As the sawyer, you will maximize the yield from each one of your logs.
  • By milling your own timber, you’ll reduce your reliance on lumber harvested by the massive wood-processing corporations that transport logs and sawn timber for hundreds, if not thousands, of miles.

I still have questions. Is there someone I can contact at Frontier Sawmills?

We hope you do have questions! We love talking sawmills. Please pick up the phone and give us a call at +1-800-408-9995 Monday thru Friday. We’re here for you! You can also sent us an email at