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Managing for Profit: Successful Sawmill Management


$ 46

Managing for Profit: Successful Sawmill Management


$ 46

Managing for Profit: Successful Sawmill Management by David E. Tooch is written for the sawmill manager who wants to succeed in this difficult business.

This 208-page book is divided into five parts dealing with marketing and salesmanship, financial management, operations management, personnel management, and other key issues and tools for managers. A variety of essential topics—such as exporting, budgeting, downtime management, recruiting, and effective decision-making ensure that this book is a must for the sawmill manager who wants to succeed.

Table of Contents:

Marketing & Sales

    • Customer-Driven Marketing
    • The Marketing Process
    • Direct vs. Broker Selling
    • The Art of Persuasion
    • Exporting
    • Retailing
    • The Role of Goodwill
    • Niche Marketing
    • Market Research & Long Term Forecasting

Financial Management

    • Cost Control & the Income Statement
    • Cash Flow Management
    • The Balance Statement
    • The Budget
    • Investment Analysis
    • The Production-Grade Trade-off
    • Tax Strategies
    • Who is Your Financial Advisor?

Operations Management

    • Successful Log Buying
    • Production Practices
    • Downtime Management
    • Hardwood Grade and White Pine Grade Production Rules of Thumb
    • The Greenchain Grader
    • Inventory Management & Control

Personnel Management

    • Success Through Your Workforce
    • Recruiting Techniques & Interviewing Skills
    • Training and Communication
    • Performance Appraisals
    • Incentive and Profit Sharing Plans
    • Labor Laws

Other Key Issues & Tools for Managers

    • Time Management
    • Long-Term Planning
    • Using Outside Professional Services
    • The Value-Added Dilemma
    • Effective Decision-Making
    • There’s Strength in Numbers
    • Conducting & Managing Staff Meetings
    • Support Education & Training
    • Environmental Considerations
    • The U.S. Economy and You

About the Author

Following several years as a working member of a family-run business and a tour in the U.S. Air Force, David E. Tooch dedicated a career to forestry and the wood products business and to the people who make it work.

Tooch earned both two and four-year degrees in forestry at the University of New Hampshire, and spent four years as sawmill troubleshooter and educator for UNH's Cooperative Extension Service, during which time he earned a Master's degree in Business Administration.

These learning experiences were to put to practice for several years as plant manager and efficiency analyst for New Hampshire's largest sawmill.

Tooch returned to UNH in 1985 where he served as Associate Professor of Business at the Thompson School. 1985 also saw the inception of David E. Tooth & Associates, a forest products consulting firm.

The firm has provided group training and on-site consulting to sawmills throughout the United States, Canada and South America, specializing in production efficiency, financial control, marketing and salesmanship and surpervision.

208 pages (5½″ X 8½″ paperback), published by the Northeastern Loggers' Association Inc., 1992, 2008.

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