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The Ultimate Guide to Portable Sawmills

Sku: 978-0-9961369-0-7

$ 29.95

The Ultimate Guide to Portable Sawmills

Sku: 978-0-9961369-0-7

$ 29.95

In this gorgeous full-colour book, you’ll discover…

The Seven Essentials you MUST know to choose the right portable sawmill for YOU. Don’t make an expensive mistake! Follow these important guidelines and get it right the first time.

How you can turn your portable sawmill into a profitable business. It’s surprisingly easy when you follow these THREE steps. PLUS you’ll also get THREE proven business models for getting started. This is how you can make your portable sawmill quickly pay for itself!

Fun insider tips and ideas for building your world from the ground up. From trestle tables to cabins, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this chapter will ignite your creativity and help you get started with a project for your home.

Exactly what you need to know to prepare for that first log. Follow these expert strategies, and you’ll soon be celebrating milling your first log on your portable sawmill. HINT: “Begin with the end in mind.” These crucial preparations will make this easy as can be—and can make all the difference between that “uh oh” feeling and happy milling!

Plus so much MORE including a wealth of information about drying your wood, sawing patterns, and an introduction to lumber grading!

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146 colour pages (8½" x 11" paperback), ISBN 978-0-9961369-0-7 (print), ISBN 978-0-9961369-1-4 (e-book), published by Norwood Industries Inc., 2015.

still have questions?

Frontier offers various forms of support to assist both newcomers and experienced sawyers. Our Sawmill.TV resource, in collaboration with Norwood, includes hundreds of DIY videos and guides on portable sawmilling. But if you prefer to reach out, please pick up the phone and give us a call at +1-800-408-9995 during our business hours from Monday through Friday. You can also contact us via email at, and we'll get back to you promptly.

The sawhead is pre-assembled at the factory, and thanks to the fully illustrated step-by-step manual with exploded illustrations, diagrams, and photographs, the rest can usually be put together in a single day. You'll only need a few basic tools, including combination and Allen wrenches, a ratchet with SAE and SI sockets, an adjustable wrench, a Phillips screwdriver, a drill, lubricating and engine oils, and a grease gun. Regardless of your skill level, Frontier Sawmills are designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. We also provide toll-free support from the moment your Frontier Sawmill arrives, through your first cuts, and beyond.

Frontier sawmills are designed to be just as easy to maintain as they are a pleasure to use. Just a few simple routine steps will keep you and your sawmill cutting smooth, valuable custom boards, and beams. The easy-to-open guard covers give you ample room to work, and precision-balanced cast-iron band wheels can last a lifetime. Basic greasing, lubrication, and blade replacement instructions are outlined in the easy-to-follow, fully illustrated operating manual. Spare parts kits and engine maintenance packages are available for each Frontier sawmill to make it easy to keep your investment running smoothly while you make the sawdust fly.

With every Frontier sawmill, you receive a one-year consumer warranty. We will repair or replace, at our discretion, any part returned to us and found to be defective through manufacturing within the first year of the original purchaser’s ownership (except consumable items like belts, blades, bearings & clutch). The engine is covered under warranty directly with the engine manufacturer (two years by Briggs and three years with by Kohler). We back that up with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If your Frontier doesn’t do everything we say, simply return it to us within 30 days and receive a refund (shipping not included)*.

*Not including used blades, damaged parts or restocking fees.

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